Polished and Collectables

South American Minerals

View from mine in La Rioja, Argentina

Our Creations

Rhodochrosite, Yellow and Blue (ALC) Aragonite, Rainbow Fluorite and others.

blue freeform

Pegmatites, Rhodochrosite Stalactites, Fluorite on Quartz, Amethyst among other rarities.

Nature is Amazing

We mine and direct source our specimens from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Blue Aragonite

Formed and polished by hand with much love, no sweatshops or acid here.

Yellow as well...


Specimen - Rhodochrosite Stalactites

Dendrilic Stalactite (3 k)- Mina Capillitas, Catamarca, Argentina.  Excavated early 1990.  Jorge Saadi Collection

Tip of Rhodochrosite Stalactite (2 k), Mina Capillitas, Andalgala, Catamarca, Arg.  Excavation early 1990’s, Jorge Saadi Collection

Backlit slab cutoff from stalactite tip (500g).  Mina Capillitas, early 1990’s, Jorge Saadi Collection

Section of Rhodochrosite Stalactite, 1.2 K, Mina Capillitas, Catamarca, Arg.  Jorge Saadi Collection

Four headed Stalactite (2 k), Rhodochrosite from Mina Capillitas, early find, Jorge Saadi Collection